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Needles & Cartridges - Universal Phono Headshell With Lead Wires For Turntable Tone Arm / Cartridge

Universal Phono Headshell with Lead Wires for turntable tone arm / cartridge

  • $ 18.98

Universal Phono Headshell

with Lead Wires

Replacement headshell for your existing Turntable/Recordplayer
You've dug out your turntable you find it's not in the great condition you remembered. When it's time to replace the cartridge and stylus, save money and buy this universal headshell. Features include pre-attached lead wires and black anodized finish.
Weight is 6.7 grams and the barrel dimensions are 8mm x 12mm.

  • Brand Parts Express
  • UPC 848864007830

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