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Turntable motor (DC 12.0 V) with wiring & switches (DIY Record Player)

  • $ 29.95

Turntable motor (DC 12.0 V) with wiring & switchs
These are brand new products in original factory's bulk package.

Easy to Instal and use for DIY Turntable Builders
Perfect as a replacement or backup motor for
33-1/3, 45, 78RPM 3-speed for Belt drive system;
3 way adjustable Speed switch
On / Off power switch; (internal switch operates via the tonearm)
turntable motor

High quality DC motor with wiring and internal switches
This motor can been used in most 3-speed turntables, nostalgic and/or retro turntables now on the market. REPLACEMENT MOTOR FOR MOST NOSTALGIA RECORD PLAYERS, Coca Cola, Emerson, Leetac, Stack-o-Matic, Goldstar, Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Sanyo, Emerson, RCA Magnolia Cathedral, Memorex, Fisher, Magnavox, Crown, Matsui Midi, Pioneer, Sharp, Soundesign, Yorks, Yorx, Akai, CROSLEY, ION, Jensen, Philco, Pyle, Numark, Blusens, vibe, Hype, Grace, Teac, Studebaker, bigben, Auna, Thomas Pacconi & Many others

Rated Voltage: DC 12.0 V
Operation voltage: 8.4 to 16.0V DC
Ratde Load:

Speed under Rated Load /Voltage : rpm/min
Low Speed Midle Speed High Speed
1130±2% 1620±2% 2100±2%

Current under Rated Load /Voltage:
low speed: 55mA Max
Midle speed: 65mA Max

Current under No-load at Rated Voltage:
low speed: 25mA Max
Midle speed: 35mA Max

Starting Torque at 8.4V DC: Min
Total Weights: 70g /set (Approx)