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Turntable Headshell Lead Wire Set - Perfect Crystal OCC (PCOCC) Litz w/ Gold Plated Terminals

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Turntable Headshell Lead Wire Set

1 set = 4 pieces

4 lead wires per set

The 30AWG PERFECT CRYSTAL OCC (PCOCC) wire is 0.55mm outer diameter.
Connects 1.2mm pins cartridge to headshell, Color end is fitting diameter about 1.30~1.40mm pins on cartridge, black end is fitting headshell
Length: 2 inches (50mm) long with female connector sockets on each end
Mount on cartridge according to the color of shrink tubing:
BLUE = LG (left ground)
GREEN = RG (right ground)
WHITE = L (left positive)
RED = R (right positive)
5n headshell lead wires 30awg

It's litz construction 7 strands and each strand is 0.1mm diameter 99.999% 5N CRYSTAL OCC (PCOCC) wires in PTFE Teflon insulation. Woven Teflon Litz construction is ideal to deliver RFI and EMI rejection and provides low capacitance.
The cartridge connector terminals were made from high quality Sn-P bronze with high conductivity silver plated, headshell side terminals are 24K GOLD plating,

Dimensions: inside diameter 1.30mm, fits pins 1.3~1.4mm well
Each terminal end is wrapped in color coded shrink tubing. Terminals are hand soldered. Color-coded heat shrink is used at the cartridge end, black heat shrink at the head shell end.
5N (99.999%) PCOCC materials is from FURUKAWA JAPAN.

Every one set leadwire we use 8 pieces 30AWG PERFECT CRYSTAL OCC (PCOCC) wires.

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