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Turntable Headshell for Cartridge Stylus Standard 1/2' aluminum Silver

  • $ 18.99

Standard 1/2' Aluminum Headshell

for most Turntable

silver headshell

Connector Type: 4 prong, H-4 Bayonet Mount
Headshell barrel size: 8mm diameter X 12mm length

Material: Aluminum

Surface treatment: High quality black or silver paint
Application: Headshell fits most turntables with the S-Shaped, straight or SME type 4 pin connection tonearm with a standard H-4 Bayonet Mount
Wire Type: Each wire is color coded. Wires are made of oxygen free copper (OFC) for a cleaner sound. All of the terminals are phosphor copper and silver plated for good electrical conductivity and non-allergy reaction. Terminals are hand soldered. Each terminal end is wrapped in color coded shrink tubing for easy mounting on cartridge.
Paint: Headshell is finished in the color or material shown above. Paint is a durable paint that resists scratching and marring.

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