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50% OFF SOUL ST-XS Bluetooth / Wireless Earphones/ Earbuds Headphones zero cord tangle

  • $ 65.98

soul xt-sx headphones

SOUL Wireless Earphones

50% OFF OUR PRICE $65.98

List Price $129.99

Zero Cord tangle - A Lifestyle Without Wires

True Wireless Earphones Untangle Yourself

Tangle-free design fuses convenience with comfort for an active, on-the-go lifestyle.
Compact and stylish aesthetic that perfectly complements urban casual chic.
SOUL Signature Sound

soul headphones

Extraordinary Listening Experience

Never compromising on sound, the ST-XS earphones are powered by 6mm drivers, creating a rich audio experience founded on balanced bass, crisp highs and sharp vocals.

pink soul earphones
Compact and Sleek Design for Custom Fit

Less is more. The sleek, compact design of the earphones ensures a custom fit. At just 4 grams, there is minimum intrusion for an active lifestyle. Ergonomic design guarantees maximum comfort

soul headphones