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Replacement Stylus Turntable NEEDLE Audio Technica AT12E, , PRO12E cartridges

  • $ 22.00

Replacement Stylus / Turntable NEEDLE for Audio Technica AT12E, PRO12E cartridges

Direct Repleacement for Audio Technica stylus ATS12 & ATS-12

Each stylus is individually packed well in a plastic jewel box with soft sponge, all of the materials is environmentally-friendly and brand new.

Stylus Tip: Top quality stereo transparent diamond stylus. The stylus tip is from a professional manufacturer who supplied maqny models for Philips, ORTOFON and many others.
Excellent sound quality and strong tracking ability
Perfect as a replacement or backup stylus for many known turntables;

This is a replacement for the Audio Technica stylus ATS12, ATS-12 stylus.

But it can also be used to replace the Audio Technica ATS10, ATS-10, VM8-7D, ATS10L, ATS-10L, ATS11, ATS-11, ATS11E, ATS12C, ATS-12C, stylus.

made for the Audio Technica cartridges AT12E, AT-12E, PRO12E and PRO-12E

But will also fit cartridges ATVM8, AT-VM8, AT10, AT-10, AT11, AT-11, AT11E, AT-11E, AT-12E, AT90E, AT-90E, AT1100E, AT-1100E, PRO11E, PRO-11E PRO12E and PRO-12E Audio Technica cartridge models

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