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Groovecraft Audio Vinyl Tonic - Record Cleaner - W/ New Improved Mojo

Groovecraft Audio Vinyl Tonic - Record Cleaner - W/ New Improved Mojo

  • $ 18.95


                             10 oz. - Vinyl Record Cleaner
                               12" x 12" Microfibre Cloth

New Improved Formula!!!

Comes in Brushed Aluminum Spray Bottle

GVT can make a significant improvement in the sound quality of your records. Conditioning the path for your needle to glide through. This can increase the life of your needle, saving you money in the long run.

A Unique blend of cleaning agents designed to flow deep into the grooves, safely loosening dirt, dust and debris that other cleaners cannot penetrate. We utilize a specially designed flow agent that decreases the surface tension of our cleaning fluid to keep it from 'beading up'. This amazing remedy also lessens the amount of tiny air pockets that get trapped in the vinyl grooves. Allowing complete saturation inside the vinyl grooves, reaching places most cleaners cannot reach.

Groovecraft Vinyl Tonic dissolves and/or loosens particles that are water & alcohol soluble. This penetration allows the user to easily remove dirt and dust in the last cleaning/rinse stage

Suggested Use:
Vinyl Tonic works best using the same cleaning instructions

  as our popular - Vinyl cleaning fluid.

-  Saturate the Record with solution Vinyl Tonic.

- Gently spread fluid throughout the groove area of the record avoiding the label.

- Let sit for 45-60 seconds to alows dust and dirt to get penetrated with fluid.

- Now use a semi-circular motion counter clock-wise along the records entire playing surface. Making sure to stay away from the center label.

- Wipe one last time to pick up the majority of the excess fluid.

- Remove remaining fluid using a dry, cotton terry cloth or microfiber cloth. Allow to air dry for 2 minutes before playing or storage. (New Fast Drying Formula) 

Do not use this product on Laquer, Shellac . coated Records and 78 RPM records.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not drink. If swallowed, Do not induce vomiting & call a doctor immediately. Do not get in eyes. Keep away from flames. Use in a well ventilated area.
Contains Isopropyl Alcohol

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