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Cool Stuff - CR612-BK Crosley Corsair - Black

CR612-BK Crosley Corsair - Black

  • $ 99.95

When it comes to our most cherished electronic item, our alarm clock probably doesn't rank at the top of the list. Well, cry "sleep" no more! Crosley's Corsair clock radio with CD player is not only functional, but fabulous. Styled like a 1950's automobile, this beauty features enough color and chrome to get your engine revved up and rolling each morning. This vintage icon has clean, streamlined sophistication coupled with all the functionality one could ever hope for. Modern day conveniences incorporate an AM/FM radio, programmable CD player, dual alarms that can be set and used independently. The first battery-powered
Crosley turntable and the first with a platter
smaller than a teacup saucerYou can even opt to wake to CD, radio or buzzer alarm. Combine these features with dynamic stereo speakers and you have no reason not to get out of bed each morning!

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