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Clutch Jam Room Picture disc VINYL RECORD0NEW 2017

  • $ 24.95

Jam Room" is the second in a series of three Clutch picture disc releases in 2017. This is the fourth full-length album by Clutch, originally released in 1999. More than any of their other missives prior to this, "Jam Room" exemplifies Clutch's vector into uncharted terrain, both musically and lyrically.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # Wemk60.1 )
Who Wants to Rock?
Big Fat Pig
Going to Market
One Eye Dollar
Raised By Horses
Bertha's Big Back Yard
Gnome Enthusiast
Swamp Boot Upside Down
Basket of Eggs
Release the Kraken
The Drifter
I Send Pictures
Sink 'Em Low
Super Duper
Release the Dub

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