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Herbie Hancock : Possibilities (DVD / CD)

Herbie Hancock : Possibilities (DVD / CD) - Music DVD

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This release was exclusive to Starbucks.\r\n\r\nThis film shows behind-the-scenes footage of the recording of the album with the following songs featured:\r\n\r\nTrack 2: A Song for You\r\nTrack 3: Stitched Up\r\nTrack 4: I Just Called to Say I Love You\r\nTrack 5: Gelo na Montanha (Ice On The Mountain)\r\nTrack 6: Don't Explain\r\nTrack 7: Safiatou\r\nTrack 9: I Do It for Your Love\r\nTrack 11: Hush, Hush, Hush\r\nTrack 12: When Love Comes to Town\r\nTrack 13: Sister Moon\r\n\r\nThe music CD features extended rough mixes from studio sessions.

Alan Mintz (Co-producer)
Herbie Hancock (Co-producer)
Jack Romner (Executive Producer)
Ken Levitan (Executive Producer)