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45's Of The Month Club - "45's Of The Month" Record Club Membership

"45's of the Month" Record Club Membership

  • $ 99.00

Record Club Membership

This exclusive  45 club features Oldies only.

Doo-Wop classics from over a hundred groups from the 50's and 60's. A short list of artists are listed below. We are acquiring new titles on a regular basis to add to our stock. You  may also notice, these titles are not available for purchase on our website. We offer this genre and titles to club members only.45s of the month club photo

41 Doo Wop Classics Plus Extras  

 Month 1 - Starter Set  

      • Set of 8 Records(7" Doo Wop singles)     
      • Carry Case (Holds 50 Records)
      • Groovecraft Cleaning Fluid  (8 Oz.)
      • Groovecraft Clean Cloth 


               Monthes 2 - 12 

  • 3 Classic Records Each Month
  •  Plus- you get exclusive offers, discounts, freebies & more
Premium V.I.P. Membershiponly $99.00/Year


Please Note: Currently we are only offering this club for "Oldies Only"  50's/60's doo-wop.
All monthly record selections are made my Staff, Choosing titles that compliment each other and no duplicates. 
This membership has no options for a refund. All membership fees are paid yearly, prior to first shipment. If you ever want to cancel your membership, we will send you the remaining records, that you were to receive with a year long membership. You may also  transfer your membership at anytime to a friend or family member and we will send the remainder of your items to them till your membership is complete.