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offers a great selection record players, and brand new vinyl. As well as replacement cartridges and needles. We  also have over 400 Rock T-Shirts on our website as well as hats and unique band merchandise..

As I am writing this, Its 2016 and Vinyl is back and more records are being bought than ever. Lucky me, I have been into vinyl since i was a kid. I can remember playing my brothers  Gene Simmons solo album over and over.....and over....and over.... Aqualung by Jethro Tull, Peter Frampton, ELO. The poor albums were used and abused, played over and over til it wore its own grooves in the vinyl.  After saying all this, remember - it is 2016 and one thing is for certain: No matter how good your turntable is, it wont make worn out records sound good. For this walk down memory lane you are going to need a new copy of your favorite album and a good turntable. Of course, many people have different ideas as to what a good turntable is.people that want to play Lp's now and then, would'nt ever want to buy a $1000 turntable. Then there is a mid level -somewhere in between- a turntable that sounds good but wont break the bank. At we do our best to feature affordable record players for the entry level listener as well as the more demanding vinylman. There are all types of music lovers and some want their vinyl spinning contraption a certain way. DJs may only want a turntable that has a direct drive. On the other hand, if you are looking for a turntable for home use, any type of drive is OK, Keep in mind a deck with a USB interface will make digitizing your Record collection easy. We have a great selection of USB Turntables for you to choose from. Eventually you will need to replace your Cartridge or Needle. We have you covered. Our stock of replacement cartridges and styli that you see on our site is not ALL we offer. I personally have thousands of replacements not listed on our site. these are available to my customers anytime you need one. So if you are looking for a replacement part that you dont see on our website, Please email me personally, I literally have thousands. In fact, if you are a regular customer, I will probably just give you the needle you need for free.

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J. Large