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D.I.Y. How to make your own Record Player

Posted by Japheth large on

     In the coming weeks I will be taking about ways to make your own record player at home.

I will cover multiple aspects of this idea from a childs project with cardboard, pencil and needle. All the way to a working turntable made at home in your spare time.

Meanwhile, Take a look at Mr. Wizard showing his know how to kids on Nickelodeon


Building a Record Player

Ok, you are curious about building a turntable. I can say its not hard but that depends on your skill level. Woodworking, light soldering and fabrication skills are a plus, but i'm a firm believer that we can do anything we set our minds to.
My choice is to build a basic turntable with a phono pre-amp, small power amp and two speakers self contained using wood as an enclosure. Using these rough guidelines, you can do it any way you want. No pre-amp, amp or speakers is what I recommended for beginners.

Finding Parts

I have found that E-bay is a great place to start to find parts. If you have a couple broken turntables you can salvage the parts from these.

Turntable Motor

A motor can be salvaged from a broken turntable or purchased from E-bay. There are 2 and 3 speed motors with 33rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm speeds.


You can make a tonearm from just about anything, aluminum or copper tubing even plastic. Anything that is lightweight.

The platter needs to be as flat as can be or you will run into problems These are also available on E-bay.

Phono Pre-Amp Schematic (Optional)

If you have basic electronic skills, a phono pre-amp is easy to build. You can find many Phono pre-amp schematics in the link belowMini Power amplifier (optional)

Phono Pre-Amp Schematics

Mini Power amplifier (optional)

for a completely self contained unit
Velleman Class D
Velleman 30w
Stereo 2 channel

Headshell for  the end of Tonearm

Cartridge/needle  is mounted onto the headshell
these are inexpensive. Available on ebay as well
Take a look

Cartridge w/Stylus/ Needle

We have these in stock

Electronic Parts
RCA output jacks, 12 volt ac Adapter, power jack, wire, etc.

Parts Express

Complete Parts List will be posted in a few days

Thanks for looking!

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